A different taste

A different taste

Addy stood waiting at the greyhound station. Seeing my car she began to smile and grabbed her bags, rushing to meet me. Her face all a glow, she scooted in and reached over to give me a hug. "I cant believe this is really happening, finally we all get to meet!" she said almost breathless.

"So did you pack everything you were told to bring?" I asked.

"Yep, the toys are all there and very little clothing!" she replied with a huge blush.

"I know that feeling, I think I got enough panties for one change," I said with a laugh. "I hope you can read a map or were going to be in china cause I am terrible with one!"

Nearing the mailbox on the road that led to Sir David’s, I stopped the car. Put it in park and turned to Addy. Holding out my hands, they were shaking. "Im nervous!"


"What if Im not what he expects, what if I let him down?" I said, fighting back the tears in my eyes.

"Don’t be silly, hes in love with you, nothing you can do is wrong! Well at least nothing outside of walking away and we both know that ain’t gonna happen. Come on, lets go, besides Im anxious to see his face when you guys finally get to touch and hug and breathe the same air!"she said with a warm smile.

"Oh you old romantic you!" I said as I reached over and squeezed her hand.

Pulling into the drive, we looked for Sir David but to our surprise there was no one there. Nearing the door with bags in hand, I noticed a note attached to the door. "Be back in about thirty come on in." Easing the door open I entered with Addy following behind me. Just as I went to close the door, Sir jumped from behind it. My heart fell to my knees and Addy screamed to the top of her lungs. Sir grabbed me up and held me off the ground dancing around in circles. Placing me on the floor and kissing me softly on the lips, he turned to Addy. Wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her tightly till she grunted and kissed her on the lips also, making her blush. I grinned, "Oh how cute Add... Læs hele novellen

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Mia, 41

søger stor moden pik til skønne sexlege Skriv om dine fantasier og kinks. Jeg har en masse gode forslag. Nogen af dem vil måske give dig rejsning!!! Billeder er meget velkomne, især de skrappe! K...

Miss Pat 4 you
Miss Pat 4 you, 23

Hallo, jeg hedder Anna, er lidt til uniformer og kan blive din stuepige. Men du skal sende mig et godt tilbud....

Bitch26, 27

Sexistisk kvinde sjov lege, er spændt på på at læse lidt

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