Late night loneliness

nicaboker:pins u down and starts gently biting your breasts while rubbing ur pussy

nicaboker: oops did i do that?

aeris: moans

aeriS: dont stop.....

nicaboker: slides a finger in you... who said anything about stopping?

nicaboker:fondling your nipple with my tongue ring

nicaboker: pushing my finger deeper and harder in you

aeris: moans and fiercely rolls you over to wheree you are on bottom and starts tongue fucking your mouth,sucking on your tongue

aeris: then i move to your neck and start biting gently

nicaboker: cock sticking out of boxers as i still rub ur pussy

aeris: i bite down harder almost drawing blood as i moan

nicaboker: eyes roll in my head as i turn us back over... spread ur legs wide and thrust my cock deep and hard into you

nicaboker: slowly pulling out then just driving myself back in you harder

aeris: i start nibbling and sucking on your earlobe

nicaboker: biting ur neck as i fuck u harder, and pinch one of ur nipples

aeris: rolls you over again, pulls you out and moves to your hard cock and i begin licking your head and slowly work down to the base sucking and pumping you as i go then i move down to your balls sucking and licking

nicaboker18: a soft moan comes out.... as i motion for you position ur body over mine..flashing my tongue ring

aeris: i position myself so that my shaved pussy is in your face dripping and waiting for your togue ring as i begin sucking harder and faster on your cock

nicaboker: grabbing ur ass, i pull u down closer and force my tongue in you

nicaboker18: gliding the ring against ur pussy.

nicaboker18: flicking it with my tongue

nicaboker18: gripping and caressing ur ass i fuck u with my tongue.

aeris: moans and flips over and begins grinding your cock into my pussy hard and fast

nicaboker: grabs ur hips as you grind my cock..

nicaboker: working my way up to you tits.. fondling them..

nicaboker: sitting up as u ride me.. kissing, sucking and biting one tit as i grope the other... then switch... Læs hele novellen

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