Michele and the predator
The predator peered through the bedroom window and smiled; he couldn’t believe his luck. This woman was just to his taste; he felt himself begin to stiffen as his eyes devoured her; he couldn’t wait until he had his hands on her. In his mind he played out the scenario that he envisaged would soon take place. His thickening member began to engorge and throb.

The predator had been terrorising the city for months; always preying on attractive, middle-aged women who lived alone. He would break into their houses and spend the night ravishing his prey until he was sated; then leave the women bound to the bed, covered with his issue; this was their final indignity; to be found helpless, despoiled and degraded. Although, by the time he was finished with them, his victims were usually beyond caring how he left them; they just thanked god that he had left.

The predator had defiled five women so far, all sophisticated, attractive and well dressed ladies in their forties or early fifties. He made a point of that; that they be dressed attractively. He had been known to make his victims get out of bed and apply makeup and dress in their finest lingerie and eveningwear before he spent his time playing his sordid games with them. Some victims reported that he made them parade before him wearing differing ensembles until he was satisfied with how they looked before he ravished them.

The predator had arrived at his current destination by sheer luck. He usually followed his intended victim for a few days, and then planned his attack when he was sure that the victim was alone in her home. Tonight he was returning from a bar and decided to cruise a well-to-do neighbourhood just to see if there was anything special that might be worth following up. He was slightly drunk and stopped his car next to an alleyway separating two townhouses so that he could relieve himself. He ducked into the darkened alley to urinate when he noticed the shadow on blind. The silhouette on the blind wa... Læs hele novellen

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