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As Mrs. Allen droned on about the Revolutionary War, the twelve eighteen year old female students in her senior high American History class took mandatory sips from bottles filled with juice, water, or some other liquid refreshment. Even Mrs. Allen herself automatically stopped every several minutes to take a few swigs from her own container. It was only the second period, but already several of the girls began to fidget uncomfortably in their seats as the need to urinate overcame them. As the tension in their bladders grew more intense, Becky finally couldn’t stand it even one more second before moaning, “Mrs. Allen, I’ve really got to go!” The fifty year old teacher stopped in mid sentence and nodded to Mike, a dark haired young man in the front row. He quickly got out of his seat and led the by now shaking young woman to a specially designed urinal against the far wall. What it amounted to was really no more than an oversized shower base with a drain in the middle. After stepping into the urinal, Becky lifted the hem of her plaid skirt high above her waist, exposing her white cotton panties to Mike’s hungry gaze. After giving her bulging mound several caresses he slid the panties down to her ankles where she could quickly stepped out of them. As with all of the females in the school, the lips of her vagina were shaved perfectly smooth. Mike ran his finger inside of her slit while she spread her legs wide apart as a long low moan escaped her throat. “Do you have to go bad?” he asked softly as he fingered her by now rock hard clit. “O-ohhhhhh, Michael!” she gasped. “P-please, let me go!!!” He chuckled softly under his breath before gently separating her dripping labia and allowing a golden stream of hot piss to rocket from her aching pussy. The mere sound and sight of Becky’s piss gushing from her pussy induced three or four more of the girls to beg Mrs. Allen for relief! But it wasn’t until Becky’s bladder was completely evacuated that one of the other girls ... Læs hele novellen

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