Cyber with lover

A actually true story about me and my former lover, the fact that i did this completely surprised me, but what can i say a but im a young fool in love ^-^. Anyway on with the story.. [this happened when we started going out early in the beginning]

It was late at night 1am and seeing as its pretty late to call her me and my baby amy decided to merely talk on msn. btw im oats shes KRaFt.

KRaFt: hi honey im glad your finnaly here, missed you ^_^

oats: hehe nice name your gave me "oats" :P

KRaFt: aww u no like?

oats: naw its cool my

KRaFt KRaFt: I forget what does that mean o.o

oats: well uh...... guess, and by the way the a and t are jsut to fit in the word

KRaFt: i c..... hmm..... Krazy, Raving, Fighter ?

oats: more like kinky roof fucker lol

KRaFt: O.O what???? oats: hehe eh u wanted to know KRaFt: really now? im a kinky roof fucker?

oats: o god im gonna get it now huh =.=

KRaFt: hmm..... well now have u ever wanted to make love to me?

oats: um.... well i....

oats: yah......

KRaFt: so what do u do when u think of me?

oats: well i cant do much since U HATE WHEN I WATCH PORN.

KRaFt: im glad you stopped doing that for me ^^.

KRaFt: do you touch yourself when you think of me?

oats:... um... where are these questions coming from

KRaFt: just answer me pat.

oats: well.... do think of me?

KRaFt: yes. now answer

oats: o.o.... wow um..... uh... do you um want to have sex with me.

KRaFt: O.O now pat that would be illegal ^^ seeing as your 16 and im 22.

oats: but thats not what i asked you? oats: i want to make love to you amy......

KRaFt: WOW......are u serious?......

oats: i um..... yes

KRaFt: mustve been hard for you to say that.....

KRaFt: and yes pat i do and i love you to.

oats: its okay your dont have to lie..... hehe its all good if you dont.

KRaFt: ive never lied to you before so why would i start now, yes pat i want you, i think abo... Læs hele novellen

Giv stjerner ?

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