Good catholic boy gets his just dessert.
18 yr. old Jonathon Meyerson was a hottie but always the "Good Catholic Boy". He stood 59, weighed in at 160 lbs,well-toned and tanned. His seductive big blue eyes and mop-style blond hair coppled by his winning smile and humor made him popular mostly with teachers and mature girls (the latter which he was the least bit interested in).

Jonathon wasnt much into sports. He preferred activities that stimulated his intellect. He was a Geek and a loner.

If Jonathon saw a student struggling he reached out tutoring them. If a teacher needed help stacking books or whatever Jonathon made himself available without needing to be asked. And when the ill-stricken varsity basketball coach needed a kidney Jonathon stepped up to the plate -- even turning down an award and the media circus looking to make him out a hero. His modesty was envied by the arrogant jocks that dubbed him "The Good Samaritan". But even Jonathon had a dark-side.

"I cant express to you Son the gratitude I have for your thoughtfulness and sacrifice...If theres ever anything I can do for you -- anything at all--just name it and consider it done". Coach Dan Fielding told Jonathon.

Acting Coy, "awe thanks...thats cool...really it was no problem, Im glad I could help you out" Jonathon said. Midway down the hall as he walked away, he turned-about "Coach Fielding?" he called. "Yes Son" Coach acknowledges. "Uh, mmm...well...there IS one thing?". "Name it Son?" Coach encourages eagerly. "Well, theres this guy..." "Ah, stop there; Nick -- Nick Baris am I following you correctly? Coach asks with a grin. "Yeah..." Jonathon admits blushing. Not needing to go into any more detail Coach says " in my office 3:30 (after school) tomorrow.

Jonathon was grinning ear-to-ear, his face was glowing and his cock grew harder and harder in anticipation of being power fucked by one Nick Baris. It was all-consuming permeating his every thought, he heads for the lavatory and pounds his meat vigorously sloshing cum ... Læs hele novellen

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