My teacher

My teacher

Its my first story which actually happened in my life, was the first sexual incident of my life. First let me describe myself to you ppl. My name is Ruchi Khanna, 5’5 tall, fair, 36c 28 32, I’ve kept my body fit with the help of work out and sports. I am from Simla(India), a small city located in Shivalik Hills. I have long brown hair and green eyes, which always give naughty and wild expression. Im 19 years old and doing graduation at St. Bede’s College. I belong to a well known respected family.

I always had attraction for same sex, since my childhood I used to like females. Even in college I had no interest in boys but still had a few friends. I used to enjoy the company of my female friends, many of them were cute and stunning but never felt that kind of attraction towards them,nor I ever disclosed myself being a lesbian, may be they would get offended and call me a pervert. I had to wait for right time and right person.

My nature is little bit boyish. I love playing basket ball, riding bicycle on hilly roads, I admire being somewhere surrounded by nature. I am also in college basketball team and a good player as well. It was my daily routine to study, work out, chatting with friends etc etc etc, but still I was keenly searching for that right person whom I would allow to make love and take my virginity. As time passed this urge was getting restless. I was becomming crazy. I felt as Im on fire, had to masturbate sometimes 2-3 times a day.

But luck was not so cruel, it gave me a chance which changed my life. It was our new Physics professor Miss Leena Josan. On the very first day she came in the class I got a strange feeling inside my tummy after seeing her. There was something catchy which made my heart jump with some strange feeling. That day she was wearing light blue Sari (a traditional Indian dress) and black cardigan. She looked so different from other girls of her age. First I could not understand this feeling but as something flashed i... Læs hele novellen

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Mia, 41

søger stor moden pik til skønne sexlege Skriv om dine fantasier og kinks. Jeg har en masse gode forslag. Nogen af dem vil måske give dig rejsning!!! Billeder er meget velkomne, især de skrappe! K...

Pattiyarat, 27

Happy to be here. Happy to read. Happy to meet. Happy to greet.

Bitch26, 27

Sexistisk kvinde sjov lege, er spændt på på at læse lidt

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