Portia was twelve when her father married Annette. She had never known her mother and, being an only child, welcomed both Annette and her ten-year-old son, Connor, into her life.

As she grew, however, she found herself growing closer to Connor than she did to Annette, who seemed content devoting herself more to her new husband than to their two children. By the time Portia entered high school, she found herself making sure that Connor was occupied before going to cheerleading practice or out on dates. She was really beautiful, even at fourteen: tall, slender, with long dark hair and piercing gray eyes; she attracted a lot of attention even then. But she found herself drawn always back to her stepbrother.

He entered high school during her junior year, and she found herself growing more attracted to him every day. Physically, he wasnt as extraordinary as she was. He, too, was tall and thin, and his brown hair and brown eyes basically put him on par with most other boys of that age. He wasnt as popular as she, preferring science books to football. He found himself returning Portias attraction, though somewhat hopelessly, as he knew she would never be a possibility for him.

When it came time for Portia to go to college, she chose a school far away, hoping that the distance would quench her growing sexual desire for Connor.

During that first year, Connor began filling out, and with his more muscular physique began dating Kara, a tiny sophomore with green eyes and enormous breasts. Portia, for her part, began dating Meyer, a med student who was nearly a body double for Connor, and though even she admitted that Meyers personality left something to be desired, she slept with him as a sort of surrogate for Connor.

When she came home for the summer, she found her stepbrother to be even more attractive than she remembered, and grew immeasurably jealous of his blatantly sexual relationship with Kara, which he flaunted. Portia found herself touching Connor much mo... Læs hele novellen

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