Brother and his twin sisters

Brother and his twin sisters

Well hello my is Kevin and about to tell you a story about me and my sisters. My sisters are indentical twin. There names are Lizzy and Jenna and they are 14 years old when this happened. They are 5’7 and have long blonde hair. Their Breasts are a “B” cup. Now about me im 16 and 6 feet tall and have a muscular body because im on a soccer team.

On Oct. 7 our parents left for there anaversity trip to the Bahamas for 2 weeks. That really sucked because school just started for us. I get home first and at my age every guy does the same thing look at porn on the internet and jerk off while I was going to the bathroom to wash my cock I noticed a 2 red thongs lying on the floor my cock again started to get hard so I picked up the red thong and started to smell the pussy juices that were there and that moment I thought about fucking my sisters for the first time but I also knew that it was wrong. Anyway I went to there room and stole some more thong from them. When they came home Lizzy was wearing a schoolgirl uniform while Jenna was wearing a Tight shirt and a mini shirk that barely covered her ass.

That evening they were watching TV in their rooms and as i was walking past there room i heard moaning sounds so i opened the door i little bit and i saw that both of them were playing with themselves and were saying " Oh Kevin i want your cock in me" now that made an instant hard on for me so i decided to come up with a plan to seduce them both.

The next morning i told them that they dont have to go to school and when they heard that they kissed me both om my cheek and told me that they love me and i said i know. That was the beginning of my plan. I came in there room where they were watching jerry springer and told them if they need anything to tell me they could tell they said ok and i told them bring in there dirty landary in half an hour to my room. Then i went to my room and propared for part 2 of the plan. When they came in i was watching twin porn n on pu... Læs hele novellen

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