My Walk in the woods

Hi, my name is Bob, a not quite 50 year old, divorced after 22 years of” wedded bliss”. About two years ago, I relocated from the suburbs of Chicago to a rural area in central Florida. My small house was located about 20 miles outside of Lakeland on 5 acres and my closest neighbor was 5 miles away and they were snowbirds and only there in the winter months leaving me in almost complete isolation. Having spent the last couple of year, licking my wounds, from the divorce. I amused myself browsing the web, to be more precise the porno sites. I found myself really fascinated by the BDSM sites and even found a site that posted erotic stories, which fueled my imagination to the point that I had converted a spare room to place where I could act out my fantasy.

My problem now was to find someone to try my now converted spare room on and not wind up jail. A problem that as luck would have it was solved,” by a walk in the woods”. Bored and frustrated one afternoon I drove into town to take a long walk in one of the county park. After walking around for about an hour I was almost back to my car when my answer appeared in front on me. About ten foot off the path I spotted a girl just lying there in the woods. At first I thought she might be hurt and went over to help. When I was closer I could see the cause, a bottle of Jack Daniels that was almost empty. I also recognized her as a local 17 year old who was a chronic runaway. Not as of yet realizing my stroke of luck, I knelt down and shook her shoulder trying to wake her up, but she was out like a light. I did notice her full tits under the halter-top and the shape of her young tight ass that showed quite clearly with the skintight cut off short she had on.

As my cock was starting to get hard, then it dawned on me. This was perfect, a chronic runaway, who would not be missed for days and if someone saw me carrying her to my car or if she woke up. I was just a nice guy who was trying to help her out and was only going t... Læs hele novellen

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