Snowy white christmas

Snowy white christmas

Be easy, a first attempt in progress.

As Ron ran after Melissa in the snow, all he could think about was how to acheive the 36 D tits that were swaying in her shirt. He knew he had a chance, but he also knew he would have to take this girl like no one else had ever done. Melissa suddenly stopped and tackled him into the snow, and letting her snow glistened blonde hair fall around his face.

"Well Ron, you just gonna lay there, or are your gonna grab my ass and kiss me?"

Ron did, and he almost fainted with what he felt, the most perfect ass. She must have felt his raging hard-on, and she must have liked it the way she was griding her hips into him.

"Mmm, so Ron, what do you say we take your goofy ass back to my house and let you get a closer look?"

Ron knew it was now or never. He knew Melissas pussy was on fire, he could feel it through their thick clothes. He slided her onto her back and begand to suck on her neck.

"Well, why dont we just stay right here?"

"No Ron, not here, lets go to my house."

Everyone has had her at her house. She wanted him, he knew it. He was taking control. While kissing her he unzipped both their pants, and started to finger her after unzipping hers.

"Oh god, that feels so good Ron, please, lets just go back to my house."

"I dont think so."

He fingered her harder, and Melissa felt like she was gonna cum all over herself right there and then, until...

"No Ron, not here, put it back in!"

Ron slipped his cock out of his pants and slowly slide it through both open zippers, and directly onto her clit, making her buck her hips and get flushed real fast real quick.

"Ok, fuck! Dont stop, dont you dare fucking stop."

Ron wouldnt stop for anything, as he slammed his cock into her, making her bury her head into his shoulder, feeling her pussy being penetrated right there in the snow, in a kids playground. Nobody would have guessed what there were doing out there, so far from all the houses, and fucking... Læs hele novellen

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