3rd party saves a relationship

3rd party saves a relationship

“Hi Mike,” I heard as I picked up the phone, “Its Susan. We need to talk.” Susan was my girlfriend Beth’s 21 year-old sister. “Sure,” I replied, “What about?” “I don’t want to discuss it over the phone,” said Susan, “Can you come over to my apartment?” “Sure,” I told her, “I will be over in just a bit.” “Great,” she replied, “But please don’t tell Beth you are coming over.” I had no idea what she wanted, but I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to spend some time with Susan.

I had been dating Beth since 7th grade and we were currently sophomores in high school. Lately, we were having some issues and I feared our relationship was about to end. Even though we both admitted that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, Beth wanted to remain a virgin until she was married. I respected her decision, but every time we made out, I ended up going home and jerking off to relieve myself. While the rest of my classmates and friends were getting laid or having their dicks sucked, I was stuck fondling Beth’s budding breasts on the outside of her clothes. Every once in awhile, Beth would let me dry hump her, but she never once touched my crotch. I loved her to death, but if she didn’t put out soon, I was going to have to move on or cheat on her.

About an hour later, I arrived at Susan’s apartment and walked up to her door. “Hi Mike,” she greeted me as she opened the door, “Come on in.” Susan was much taller than Beth, with long wavy red hair, stunning green eyes and a body that wouldn’t quit. Her 34c tits looked incredible underneath her tight white tank top. As I followed her into her living room, I couldn’t help watching her round ass wiggle back and forth in her tight khaki shorts. “What’s up?” I asked her as we sat down on her couch. “Mike,” Susan said in a serious tone, as she looked me in the eyes, “Beth was over here earlier and I am worried about her.” “Why?” I asked back, “What’s wrong?” “I really like you Mike and so does my sister,”... Læs hele novellen

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