a bad night on the back seat.

a bad night on the back seat.

My bf and I were having sex on the back seat when 3 guys ripped the doors open and draged us out.

My bf and I were in a seculded area having sex on the back seat of his car. It was a popular spot for us and hardly anybody else used the place. It was in bushland by a river. It was a warm night and as we were alone we had the windows down and the doors unlocked.

We were both naked and I had given him oral already and he had fucked me once.

We had just got together again and had started our second fuck when we heard a noise outside the car. Then the doors were ripped open and three guys were there with torches. I thought immediately it was the police but we soon realised it wasnt. We were told to get out of the car, I started to scream and one guy pulled my boy friend off me and out one door, then another one grabbed me by the throat and dragged me out the other door. The third one helped the guy with my bf who was now struggling and wanting to bash them. They hit him and knocked him to the ground. Then they tied his hands behind him with cable ties and then his ankles and he lay on the ground trussed up.

The other guy had me held tightly with my arms behind my back, he had said shut up or your boy friend will really get hurt.

Then one of the two who had tied up my bf said who is going to be first and I realised then I was about to be raped by them. I pleaded with them not to do it and the guy holding me said honey there is no way we are not going to enjoy ourselves and if you have any sense you will cooperate or get hurt.

While the guy was holding me I couldnt move. He had both arms behind me and another arm around my neck in a head lock. Then I could see the other two removing their pants and one said ok I will fuck her and she can suck yours at the same time. I screamed , No I wont do it, the guy holding me laughed and said oh baby yes you will and grabbed me ever tighter around the neck and nearly choked me. One of them said I will tie her arm... Læs hele novellen

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