A confusing evening

Lord of Lust says: "Sexlyst er ikke tabu. Tag styringen."

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I woke up a little confused a little daylight made its way through the curtains, for a moment I didnt know where I was. It slowly came back to me we had been at a party last night and had been chatting to a rather good looking guy, Anne had been quite taken with him. He had said he was staying in a nearby hotel and invited us back for drinks, the party seemed to be going nowhere so we agreed. At the hotel we were plied with drinks and after that things got a little hazy. I seem to remember a couple of other guys arriving and from then on it seemed to turn into an orgy, Anne being the centre of attention.

My mouth tasted like the bottom of a bird cage I staggered into the bathroom and found a disposable toothbrush, I looked in the mirror, I looked like shit, I took a shower that helped me wake up. I was getting flash backs from last night, it seems some guy had his cock in my mouth at some stage I dont think it was my idea at the time but couldnt be sure. I do remember seeing Anne kneeling on the bed with two guys servicing her, one fucking her doggy style while another fucked her mouth but how they got into that position was a bit blurry.

I then checked out the bed Anne was there so was the guy we had originally come to the hotel with they were both asleep from their position they must have dropped of while he was fucking her his cock appeared to be still in her. I walked out of the bedroom into the lounge room looking for the bar fridge desperate for a cold soft drink, another guy was draped over the lounge dead to the world. This was the guy whos cock I had been sucking last night, a groan from behind the lounge let me know where the other guy was.

I grabbed a coke and sat down opposite the guy on the lounge, still trying to clear my head. Somebody must have mixed something with the drinks because even after a heavy night on the booze I didnt feel this bad. I did a quick glance round looking for my clothes they seemed to be spread all round the roo... Læs hele novellen

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