A little more than cyber sex

A little more than cyber sex

Hello all, let me start off with explaining who I am. The name is Tommy Houston, and Im a single, relatively attractive, twenty-one year old. I work at a boring job, like most of your reading this story. I come from a nice family, a tight family. I had an older brother and sister, and a younger sister as well. I got along great with everyone in my family, but me and my younger sister being the closest in age, she is 19 now, her and I were always just a bit closer.

Her name is Ashley. She is a smart, attractive young lady, who by all means could get any guy she pretty much desired. Now, dont get me wrong, she has a beautiful face and body, but what really hooks guys to her is her attitude. Not only does she know she can get anything she wants from any man, she uses that tool to her advantage whenever she feels the need. Maybe its the male ego that really get guys hooked on her. Men are always trying to conquer the hard-to-get females, as if for a trophy. But, as far as I know, she has never been at all "conquered."

The reason I bring her up is because she is the reason this event even took place. One day, Ashley and I are sitting in my apartment, and somehow, the Internet was brought up. I believe I was talking about a joke website someone sent me in a e-mail. Whatever brought it along was irrelevant and not the point. Because soon we were talking about my sisters online friends.


"You know, I talk to a lot of interesting people online." She said. "I have even met a couple offline. Well, only one person, actually. She is so cool."

"Oh, really? You should hook us up." I said, sarcastically.

"Hell, if you want, I can." She said, to my surprise.

My sister is not the type to hook me up with girl usually. She feels Im not only her brother, Im a very good friend of hers. So, when me and her hypothetical friend break up, she doesnt want to have to distance herself from that friend. Or worse, have to choose a side. Therefore, she just avoids the... Læs hele novellen

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