A rainy day

A rainy day

It had been a long day for Jessica, All She had been doing was driving for hours on end.

Her boyfriend, Jack, and Herself had just had a fight and She was living with him.

They have so many fights but this time She wasnt going to take it anymore. So She left And now She has nowhere to go.

Its dark and very wet outside. It has been raining all day, The lightning has been really bad. Jessica...Her friends call her Jesse Has Dark Brown Hair, Blue eyes, Im about 120 LB. and 54. Not bad for Her age of 21, I guess. She is now turning onto a road She doesnt know because She doesnt know where she is... She got lost about three hours ago... Her car is about out of gas and its raining harder now...

"damn it! I should have gotten gas two hours ago!", Jesse yelled at herself.

But Jesse had one thing going for her she was Near the end of a dead end and she could see a really nice home near by she would stop there and get some help.

Just then a flash of lightning went down right near her car and she lost control as it scared her. Luckily she was in the drive way and there was nothing to hit. she stopped her car and turned it off, She was on E. She got out of her car and ran to the front door, She rang the door bell over and over again .... Until A boy she thought looked like someoneshe had seen before..but she just couldnt think of his name.

"I am so sorry to bug you but Im lost and out of gas ...Is there anyway I could please use your phone?", She asked the young man nicely.

"Sure come on in, You socking wet...Stay here Ill get you something to dry off in", The young man said.

He disappeared for about 5 minutes and came back with a dry towel and handed it to her, In his other hand he held a phone but as he handed it to her the power went out. Jesse Checked the phone and there was no dial tone.

"Just great, Phones out" She said as she looked up at the young man. He smiled and told her she could stay there untill the phone came back on. He had a fire goin... Læs hele novellen

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