A tutorial in satisfaction

A tutorial in satisfaction

I have decided that I would like to write about a sexual encounter that I had recently. The truth is that I have a sexual problem. I can only have an orgasm with a man when I am taken by force, or I am unfaithful to my partner. When I say unfaithful, I mean that my partner has to be present in the same buidling, and there must be a risk of getting caught. I am not interested in long affairs. After all, I love my husband, Tom, and am loyal to him in the sense that I would never steal from him, and would never conciously hurt him. But I must get my satisfation some how, and cheating on my husband is often the only way. I always justify my actions by telling myself that my husband does give me sexual satisfation. Just not directly. So in a sense I am not really unfaithfull to him.

One night in May I was feeling partularly horny and was desperate for some raw sex. Sometimes in these moments, I have to languish in frustration. But I was in luck that evening. Over the previous few weeks I had been tutoring an 18 year old boy, called Scott, for his French A level and he used to come round to my house for lessons. That particular evening he was to come round for his last lesson before his exams.

During these lessons, I dont think he learned much, because he was constantly looking at my body. I am 35 years old now, but keep myself in good shape. I am about five foot five and have short cropped dark hair. When I realised he was attracted to me, I did my best to wind him up. I wore short tight skirts, stockings and tight tops to show off the shape of my hips and breasts. I used to have great fun positioning myself so he could get furtive glimses of my white panties and used to bend down in front of him so he could get a close up view of my well shaped buttocks. I am sure that he used to look at the line of my skimpy panties through the material of my skirt. Of course, I always pretended to be unaware that he was looking at me, although his erection was obvious sometimes,... Læs hele novellen

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