Academy girls

If Adrian McGuire was confused and upset, fourteen-year-old Stacy and thirteen-year-old Theresa were more so. Theyd never seen their father acting so strangely. Adrian never saw her righteous husband act this way outside the bedroom.

Having never seen this side of their father, anywhere, the girls were thrust into a world of bizarre unknowns. Once the family arrived in St. Louis, and the Reverend Derrick McGuire took off his preacher clothes, he acted noting like a man of the cloth, and nothing like any man theyd ever met.

After checking into a seedy hotel, he immediately took the girls shopping for their new school wardrobe. They shopped in stores that catered to women of loose moral scruples--whores and floozies, jezebels and hussies. The girls knew about those women, but had no idea what the women did to earn their fathers wrath, or the Lords for that matter. They only knew that those women were shameless and hell-bound for showing too much skin and being loose with men. That much, they knew.

In the stores, the McGuire girls attracted a great deal of attention and always had a troupe of male assistants to assist. Customers gawked and their own father was the worst gawker of all, insisting that each item fit properly, and not in a dressing room, but on the store floor, sometimes while totally naked wearing only high heels. Only in stores along the seedy strip could they get away with such behavior.

The girls soon discovered that their shopping spree was a thinly disguised sex show with their father serving as the master of ceremonies. He directed everything, showing them off like prize bird dogs. The girls quickly realized their father got a big charge out of turning on others using their intimate flesh for the purpose. The girls were soon in a state of shock. The panties were of particular interest and their fit in the crotch was of primary impor... Læs hele novellen

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