"Wheres Joanna," asked Peggy, "shes always late?!?" Judith smirked a little and responded cattily, "Doesnt Frank have Wednesdays off, if he does, I think we all know what shes up to!!!" The three at the table all chuckled at that one, but it was Susan who came to Joannas defense when she opined, "Lets not be too hasty with our criticism, I think we would all agree if one of our husbands had a day off wed all be in bed with him if we could!!!" The two other women stopped laughing for a moment and then nodded their agreement, but Judith still had to give a final zinger, "Yeah, but Jos so hot for Franks cock shed suck him off in public if he asked her to!!!" "Did I hear someone saying my name," Joanne called out as she swept into the room, "sorry Im late but I had to help Frank with some chores before I could leave!!!" Just hearing Jos excuse brought a chorus of laughter from the other three, which caused a hurt looking Joanne to reply, "Whats so funny, I said I was sorry!!!" "Honey," Peggy said sweetly, "youve still got cum on your chin," to which and embarrassed Joanne automatically reached up to wipe it clean!!! "Oh, you," Joanne scolded, having fallen for Peggys trick, "that wasnt funny!!!" "Oh relax, Jo," Susan soothed, "we all know what a hung stud Frank is, we dont blame you one bit, but tell us, who made the first move, you or him!?!"

Taking there good natured ribbing in stride, Joanne replied, "Well, he came into the bedroom after his shower toweling off, and although he wasnt really hard, he was kinda semi hard if you know what I mean, really hanging down low and swing back and forth when he walked!!!" At that point Judith interrupted by saying, "God I love it when theyre hanging low and looking almost hard, jesus, I nearly cream when I see Tommy that way!!!" Joanne looked at Judith and nodded knowingly, and continued on, "Well anyway, I was sitting on the edge of the bed when he walked by, what was I supposed to do, I couldnt very well leave him like that... Læs hele novellen

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