Annettes photo shoot

Annettes photo shoot

A friend of mine, Paul, a well known local politician and businessman (names have been changed), told me what happened recently to him and his wife and I would like to believe it was not just a fantasy. But its up to the readers to make up their own mind.

Paul had been married then for some twenty years and his wife Annette, having been educated by very conservative parents was still as inhibited as she was when they first met. She was a mature and very attractive lady in her forties now, slim, blond with a classic hairstyle. I had always thought of her as some elegant lady like actress, Julie Andrews.

What Paul liked most about a woman in general and his wife in particular were her breasts. Especially small tits like hers excited him so much with those pink long nipples that just thinking of them gave him an instant erection. Sometimes she could get quite aroused when he played with them. Unfortunately she didnt like it often enough.

In general, sex was only of secondary importance to her and Paul had often complained about it in the past. Another thing that annoyed him was that there was no way he could talk her into oral sex. She had only twice given him a blow job, reluctantly and of course not until he came. He thought it was a shame she didnt even know the taste of his sperm.

All in all he was quite frustrated with his sex life, but he blamed it on the inhibitions she got indoctrinated with during her childhood.

Despite this unsatisfying sex life, Annette still excited him. In fact, he had always wanted some professionally taken erotic pictures of her, featuring her small breasts, and when had found a company in a magazine looking for ladies to pose for erotic pictures, he decided to contact them.

Firstly, she was strictly against it. She could not bear the idea of showing her nude breasts to strangers. Actually, she was convinced they were too small and not attractive to men. Nevertheless he had finally convinced her and she had reluctantly ... Læs hele novellen

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