At the bar

Jimmy James eyes watched as she slid slowly onto a barstool. Dressed in tight black pants and almost too tight red shirt, she was capturing the attention of quite a few men around the bar. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, wisps of hair hanging loose near her face. He finished serving drinks to another couple and wandered down towards her. Her face lit up when he leaned across the bar to talk to her.

"Having fun, baby?" Jimmy asked his lover, Merrie. She licked her sensuous lips and smiled, looking up into his gorgeous gray-blue eyes.

"Yeah. Lots of guys to dance with." She winked at him. "Can I get a rum and coke?" He nodded and quickly mixed the drink. Light on the rum and heavy on the coke. He set it in front of her and slipped money out of his pocket to pay for it. Merrie watched as he turned to the register. She took in the sight of his strong back, knowing that the only thing keeping her from seeing the scratch marks was the tee shirt he had on. She sipped her drink and let her gaze travel over his ass, missing the feeling of it in her hands. Jimmy had turned back around and caught her staring. She smiled lovingly. And finished her drink as she watched him work.

Merrie went back out to the dance floor to find her friends and felt an arm encircle her waist. She was pulled close to someone and looked up in surprise. The guy holding her was not someone she knew. Dark hair, green eyes and good-looking.

"Lets dance." He pressed his body against hers and they danced moving in rhythm with each other. Her hands ran over the strong muscles of his back and down over his ass. She turned around pressing her ass against him, slowly sliding her body up and down along his. She felt his cock, hot and hard, pushing against her, when she slid along it. Merrie turned her face towards the bar and smiled. Jimmy was intently watching her every move. She turned to face the stranger and smiled. Pushing her breasts against his chest as his hands slowly s... Læs hele novellen

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