Carrie and the substitute

Carrie and the substitute

The temptation of high school senior girls was too much. He was glad he hadnt become a career teacher -- one of these girls would have surely seduced his cock into her body by second semester -- if not by lunchtime on day one.

His morality and ethics were pretty strong. He didnt have to have sex with every beautiful woman he met -- however, that didnt mean he didnt think about it. In his life, though, sex had been something reserved for those women he loved. Hed been with just four girls in his years.

However, being with Numbers 5, 6, and 7 had crossed his mind during this school day.

But he had made it through almost the entire job. Substituting for a high school was something he had decided upon on a lark. He had his teaching degree and license, but never had gone into that career.

His "dream" job -- writing books -- had taken off. He made way too much money writing to ever "work" for a living. So he wrote, and he occasionally took odd jobs to help inspire his next novel or short story. For a month, he worked in a grocery store as a stockboy. For another month, he worked as a ticket-taker at a cinema. Then he went back and wrote fictional stories about the experiences. Not a bad life if you can choose it.

So now he was substituting. The story he had in mind wasnt supposed to be about lusting after teenagers. He considered himself too mature for that. But young, firm breasts, bright eyes and seductive smiles whip maturity against the ass like its a lawbreaker in Singapore.

"Masturbation will be quick," the single 30-year-old commented to himself as his final English class begun. He felt safe. His naughty thoughts hadnt transferred into naughty actions. His mind floated like Bill Clintons, but not his hands. Odds were he was going to be a good boy during this substitute job.

And then Carrie walked in. She smiled at him as she walked in, and all bets were off. She glared at him like she knew his every thought, and all his fantasies.

He stood... Læs hele novellen

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