Chance encounter

Chance encounter

This really happened to me in 2000. His name was Jeff. If you read this and think it’s about YOU drop me an email... It was sensational.

Then there was Jeff. And that incredible afternoon. Shit oh dear. Our eyes met one day on the bus ride home, and that was that.

I’d been reading a novel. I looked up to find him studying me from across the way. We sat in the seats that were among the last claimed by the regular commuters, the ones facing the aisle, situated over the rear wheels, so high my legs dangled.

Jeff wasn’t even trying to be discreet. I would read one half page and oh look, he was looking at me! I would read a little further, and oh there he was, still looking at me. He had the most amazing crystal blue eyes. His black hair swept back from his face. A leather briefcase angled into the aisle. A laptop was propped open on his knees, but he wasn’t working. He was staring at me! Goosebumps formed on my arms, and I dared myself to return the glance. I met his eyes, stayed locked inside the sweet blue of them, until I struggled with the "I can’t do this, what about Matthew?"

I looked away.

It had been a long, long time since anyone had noticed me this way! I was thrilled. I looked up and caught his eyes again. There was something about a man with black hair and blue eyes... Sexual tension jumped between us like a grasshopper. I was not sure if I wanted to grapple it into submission or let it spring away to safety. The bus jostled and I pretended I wasn’t staring.

He grinned.

"You like taking the bus?" I ventured. Most commuters didn’t speak on the bus; it was an unwritten code of conduct.

"It’s fine with me, especially when the scenery looks fabulous."

Outside, the weather slid into the standard Seattle drizzle. Cold and grey. He wasn’t talking about the view outside.

"The scenery looks pretty good to me today, too," I said quietly.


"Oh, I was agreeing that the scenery looked amazingly nice for such a dank day."

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