Cousine sister

Cousine sister

I am 20 years old student and only one son. My fathers brother has a daughter of age 26 and she is working in apublic company. From my child hood i saw her as mys sister and she treat me as her brother. I lover as my sister only, there is no ther think in my mind. Once in a holiday i and my sister went to a oneday picnic, to a amusement park. There is a 4 hour journey to there, we go ther early morning and reach there at 9 oclock. While travelling we lost our bag so we did not go to play in water, we just watch all and evening 5 o clock we start from ther to our house.

After one hour journey, the bus was stopped by the driver and to all he told because of strike bus cannot move towards to the next district, We have no idea to what to do. That are is a foresty area and all people walked from there to next town, fwe minutes later heavy rain started, and all walk fast to reach the town around 7 oclock evening we reach the town and there all shops are closed, after seaching some time we got one lodge to stay. i took one room and took my sister to there she was tired, then i come from room buy some food and tea to room and first we eat food and we two were wet because of rain. I remove my shirt and t shirt and use it as a towel to clear our hair and body water but all our dress is washed of water and mud. we dont have any spare dress. sge remove her top and jeans, and i removed my jeans and we clean those dresses. She was on her white bra and blue panties and i am in my brown underwear.

Her tits are very big and that bra cant carry it, my coak dont know she is my sister and it is in its full wing, she looks me and as wo..what is this jac? I told her what is this my sister , showing her tits and tighs, this time my coak came out from the side of my under wear and she told me to remove it and i did so. she came near to me touch on my penis it is its hard position, and i slowly remove her bra and both welons dived out in a vibration, i slow... Læs hele novellen

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