Crime does pay

Crime does pay

"Young lady, what did I tell you our rules were?" Mrs. Sheldon asked Katie as she stood in front of her trembling.

"No staying out beyond curfew. No smoking. No alcohol. No drugs." Katie said with lowered eyes.

"Thats right! And according to your sheet, Maggie says you have broken all four."

Maggie stood off to the side sneering.

She had no heart at least not in Katies eyes. She had sworn after that night that she would never betray Katie.

That night was like any other night, Katie had taken her shower and was drying off when she was startled to see Maggie staring at her, her pussy specifically. Katie had one of her slender, pretty legs bent up, her foot was on the bench and she was exposed like that. She quickly put her leg down and covered up. Maggies nipples were rock hard as she smiled at Katie and it was warm that night.

"Do you need help drying off?" Maggie said almost snorting.

"No I think I can handle that myself."

"Well you know if you let me dry you off, I might be able to get you some special treatment."

"What do you mean special treatment?" Katie asked.

"Oh just really soecial treatment." Maggie sad and smiled pervertedly, "I can let you slide." and when she said "slide" she breathed hard.

"All I have to do is let you dry me off?"

"Yes." Maggie said.

So Katie dropped her towel. Maggie smiled at her gorgeous figure, her skin was soft and smooth looking, her legs were toned, her pussy barely visible through a bush of tiny brown curls of hair, her hips narrow, but feminine, her stomach flat, her waist small and trim, her breasts large and perfectly symmetrical, she just had a drop dead gorgeous figure.

Maggie walked over and picked up the towel and started patting Katies thighs and knees, then her shins, but the whole time her eyes were rivited to Katies pussy, she was drooling eyeing that pussy, she could see slightly in the slit, she saw redness and shininess. She took the towel and patted her hips and tummy, th... Læs hele novellen

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