Curiosity kills the cat
She knew she was in trouble when Sir caught her spying on him

through the curtains.

Well what do we have here, he smiled wickedly? He grabbed her by

her dress and dragged her out from her hiding place.

Please Sir let me go she entreated.

You spy on me and you want me to let you go? No, I dont think so.

He looked at her, a mere wisp of a girl, just budding, his mouth

watered. He ran his hand over her budding breasts licking his lips. He

reached up and ripped her shift from her body, leaving her totally

naked before his eyes.

Oh, please Sir no, let me go, Ill not tell!

He laughed, I know you wont as he palmed her breasts. Small but

the nipples were swelling under his ministrations. You like this, dont

you? He pulled her with him across the room, sitting in a chair he threw

her across his lap. I will paddle your ass for your behavior! He looked

down at her naked ass, the cheeks so smooth and pink, he felt his cock


Oh Sir please no, please dont.

Oh yes you must learn whos master here. Smack, his hand landed

across her ass.

She cried out in pain, please stop Ill be good.

I know you will! With every slap came a rub on her inflamed cheeks.

She felt his hand slide down her backside into her crack.

Oh Sir what do you do? He spread his legs further, spreading her

legs in the process. His finger delved down between her globes, she was

hot. He cock grew harder, and he ran his finger up and down her

virginal slit.

Please oh please Sir, stop! She struggled but was caught in his vise

like grip. He probed deeper into her, feeling the heat and moisture

build and flow.

You like me touching you like this, dont you?

No, please no Sir! Placing his hand on the small of her back to hold

her still, he slid his finger into her virgin pussy slowly. She screamed and

wriggled trying to get free of this torment. Deeper his finger went and

withdrew. Her pussy was tight and hot. He cou... Læs hele novellen

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