cyber sex turns into more on frist meeting

cyber sex turns into more on frist meeting

I have met this gal on line about a year ago and we hit it off right away and became very good friends in all the aspects we can talk about anything that is going on in our life’s we are both married and both love our spouses to death but have connected in a way that we both had not imagined.

We both talked and had fun playing cards and then it moved into more with the two of us we started having cyber sex on line. We both have cams and got to see each other on the computer and we both saw a lot of each other. She is a very sexy women she is around 5’5 or so and around 135 and has red hair just past her shoulders. She has a perfect set of tits 36c and one of the best looking pussy’s I have seen and bold at that.

One day as we was talking we found out that we lived in the same area of the big city and we decided to meet but not with out our spouses felt it was safer that way for both of us so we decided to meet but were the spouses didn’t have no idea that we was going to meet for the first time. There is this adult movie theater that my wife and me go to once in a while to have fun and watch other couples mess around so we decided to meet there. She was going to bring up the idea of going to this place for the first time to her husband.

IT was set we all decided to go even though the spouses didn’t know anything was going on. Me and my wife showed up first going up to the theater and getting a seat I made sure that we had good seats so that when she showed up I could see her, they was about 20 minutes behind us as she walked into the room my mouth dropped as she was wearing a very nice red miniskirt with a cream color blouse. She looked stunning as she walked in with her hubby as they sat down just a seat down from us. As they sat down and the wife and I had been there for a bit my wife already had my hard cock in her hand stroking me as we watched the movie. As they sat down her next to me and her husband on the right of her. She glanced over and smiled at me as... Læs hele novellen

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Happy to be here. Happy to read. Happy to meet. Happy to greet.

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Jeg er ny i alt det her novelle skrivning - lurer bare rundt

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Hallo, jeg hedder Anna, er lidt til uniformer og kan blive din stuepige. Men du skal sende mig et godt tilbud....

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