Disobedient michelle, the sorry sub

Disobedient michelle, the sorry sub

Michelle was nude, standing behind and leaning forward over the back of the heavy wood desk chair in the suite at the Fairfield. Her wrists were cuffed and attached to the arms of the chair. Her ankles were cuffed and those cuffs were attached to a spreader bar, keeping her legs so far open that her feet were nearly 36 inches apart. Dr. Wellhung admired her from various angles. She was displayed for his viewing pleasure. In this position her full breasts hung down nicely. Nipple clamps with 8-oz weights exaggerated the length of her nipples.

When Michelle leaned far enough forward the weights rested on the seat cushion of the chair. That relieved some of the tension from her nipples, but that also meant her legs were stretched tightly and she was on her tiptoes. It also greatly improved the Doctors view from behind where he could see her marvelously full cuntlips and the shapely globes of her ass. "Hmmm" Dr. Wellhung mused to himself; she looked very good for a woman in her 40s. In between those rounded asscheeks her tight little asshole beckoned and below her tender inner labia and clitoris looked so vulnerable.

The Doctor began with the flogger. It was a small but effective tool, with a sturdy plastic handle and 16 leather lashes. The Doctor held it in one hand and standing in front of her and he lightly swished the lashes across her left cheek, then her right. Michelle was not really worried. The Doctor had never once used the flogger or anything else on her face. Nor had he ever so much as raised his hand, or for that matter even his voice to her in anger. However, feeling the leather strands on her cheeks WAS a bit disconcerting.

Then, with a quick stroke, The Doctor slapped those leather strands across the stretched flesh of her hanging breasts, just hard enough to give her a feel for the sting. The pain wasnt that great but it startled her and she involuntarily jerked up and back. She couldnt go far because her wrists were bound to the arms of the ... Læs hele novellen

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