Dream to reality

Dream to reality

I walked into the porn store, hands sweating and shaking like a leaf. The guy at the front desk was about 35 with short brown hair and an ok body. He looked at me and a grin swept across his face.

“Hey buddy, pass me your ID” I did. “Happy Birthday my man… you’re 18 today… Welcome in to the store. What can I help you with?”

I looked at him with a crazed expression in my eyes as I took back my ID. I asked him where the booths were. He nodded and pointed to a drape that was in the corner and said, “The fourth cubicle is open.” And for measure he added, “A glory hole is there on each side for you also.” I was so excited… in fact that is just why I went there, Curiosity.

Hey let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Ben; I’m not going to tell you where I live but whatever. I’m around 6’0 tall with reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, a slim lanky body and an 8 inch cut penis. My fantasy for as long as I can remember is to be fucked by a guy. Blunt but true. I always told myself that when I turned 18 if I hadn’t been taken yet I’d lose my anal virginity in a porn store.

So there I was going towards booth number four. I got in and decided not to lock the door. I put in my money and started flipping through the movies. I stayed on a very nice one of a girl fucking a guy with a strap on while he was moaning beyond belief. I sat back down on the bench and took out my cock and began stroking it. I looked around the room, it was pretty small and the walls were painted red. There was dry cum all over the place and a couple of spots that weren’t so old… in fact one of them was fresh.

Now I’ve never tasted cum before… in fact besides my own I’ve never seen another cock. So I dipped my finger into the warm goop that was on the wall and massaged my fingers with it. Nice and sticky.

I glanced back at the movie. The girl had removed the white strap on and there was a small red residue on it. The guy’s ass was bleeding. I winced, that was one of my only turn offs a... Læs hele novellen

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