Drivers lounge

Drivers lounge

Sam gave me a buzz from downstairs in the drivers lounge. We had arranged for a meeting late at night. I stayed in the office, pretending to do work till everyone else. Sam arrived and entered the building through the drivers door. He used the interoffice phone to buzz me.

I playfully jumped onto his chest when I ran downstairs. Sam is a fairly muscular guy and Im still fairly small so he was to hold me to his strong chest while we kissed our hellos. I wrapped my legs around his waist and wiggled seductively.

How was I to know how horny he was tonight? Sam had been on the road for awhile and although Im sure he flirted plenty, hes still a fairly decent guy. Too bad he was married too; guess that doesnt make him that decent. Anyway, his hands were sliding all over my body and it felt great. So good, that I decided I couldnt wait, I wanted him now.

I began to unbutton his shirt, sliding my hands over his strong chest. Sam had a worried look on his face but I kissed it away. Dispatchers were in the room next door but they couldnt see in here and there was no reason for them to come this way.

I slid off his chest and while standing in front of him, began to pull at his big truckers belt buckle. Sam is so cute when he turns red. I was quick! His pants were down, underwear around his ankles, shirt unbuttoned and me giving head while on my knees.

"Jesus Shannon! Oh God that feels great. You give the best head."

I lifted his huge cock skyward and looked up at him while I slowly licked from base to head. My tongue swirled over the pee hole, teasing him till it hurt. I straightened his cock out and place him between my lips. Deeper, deeper, deeper I took him till he gasped. I withdrew him and smiled.

"Sam, you know what I need?"

"A good fuck!" he said smiling.

"Yes," I replied "But do you know where?"

I watched Sam gulp, "No, where?"

"In the ass Sam, I need you in my ass."

Sam pulled me to my feet. I helped him pull my clothes off althoug... Læs hele novellen

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