Easter day greeting

Easter day greeting

With Master I never know how I will be awaken each morning. This particular morning was Easter, I had actually forgotten it. As I peeled one eye open, I got a glimpse of something hairy laying on my face. Like always my mind was still asleep and the thought, darn Master you are sure getting hairy lately, danced around in my head. For a split second I started to reach up and move what I thought was Master’s arm till a sudden memory of removing Masters hand once before had earned me a stern scolding and a playful face rubbing. Innocently I rolled over and the object rolled off me. Blinking a few times I reached and got it, there was a little stuffed bunny... Looking over at Master I smiled as he said, looks like the Easter bunny found you pet. That was one of the sweetest moments.

After breakfast and showers, Master was seated in the recliner, me I was bouncing about from the computer room to the kitchen with the munchies. I had just plopped down on the sofa to see what Master was watching. I had just got my butt planted and my feet kicked up when Master cleared his throat and pointed at his feet. Climbing back up I replaced my backside between his feet. Leaning forward he began to rub me through my blouse. Leaning my head back against the recliner as he played, I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself. Button after button began to open, then the zipper on my bra came down and out popped my breast. Master continued to play, all the while I grew harder and harder. Normally I have small nipples but when they get so hard they stand at attention and swell like mad. They had reached that point. Master began pinching, at first gentle and then more aggressive. Despite the pain I was getting ever so wet. Digging his nails into me, I squirmed and hollered, making him smile and tease me with little bits of oh pet you are jumpy today arent you.

Soon to follow was the twisting, now that HURT! It brought me up off my bottom and onto my feet as much as possible in the position I w... Læs hele novellen

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