Family fuck

Family fuck

“Please,” my 16 year old cousin begs me.

I remain silent. She has pestered me for the past week, wanting me to take her virginity so that she won’t be clumsy when she has sex with her boyfriend. I’m 19 and male, so pardon me if I get hard every time she asks. I WANT to fuck her, don’t get me wrong. But she’s only 16 and she’s my first cousin.

Today is different though. After asking for the hundredth time, Sara looks at me and pulls off her top. DAMN! She’s so fucking hot. She smiles at me and pulls her sweatpants down. She is prepared for this seduction, I realize, because she has nothing under the sweatpants except her naked skin.

My dick rises to attention, creating a teepee in my shorts. “Sara,” I say, but her hand on my bulge interrupts my weakening protests.

“I’m not asking you for a date or to go steady with me, Mat. I just want your dick inside me. Now.”

She pulls my waistband down and my dick pops up like a Jack-in-the-Box, swaying slightly, as though nodding in anticipation. “Eager, aren’t we?” she asks and smiles at my dick.

I can’t restrain myself any longer. I grab her hips, say “I won’t be gentle,” and throw her unceremoniously on the small bed.

Her legs part willingly, and I’m between them exploring her tight pussy with my 9 inch cock. As I penetrate her again and again, she gasps wrapping her legs around my waist, doing her best to contain my plunging, but ultimately failing. I pound at her, thinking we shouldn’t be doing this cause her parents are upstairs sleeping and my sister is in the bedroom next-door. But I am doing it and I tell myself to do it proper and not have any guilt.

“Oh, YES Mat, YES, fuck my pussy, oh GOD YES, fuck me, aaaaahhhh!” She screams as my thrusts become frantic, wanting to savor the moment but not wanting to be caught.

“You’re so tight, Sara,” I pant. I stare at her... Læs hele novellen

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