First time

First time

hey everyone! this is my first story im posting, and unlike many of the stories on here, this is a real personal story. Its about my first i was with a girl, i am not however a lesbian, im bisexual. I was 15 at the time of the story and it was with my best friend Becky. I should describe my self to u, im 5"3, 120 lbs., tan, i work out my stomach, i have a shaved pussy, 36c tits, redish brown shoulder length hair and good looking. Well i hope u enjoy the story!

I was at home alone after school with my friend Becky. We were just chilling and hanging out in my basement listening to music n doing our homework. We started chatting and got onto the subject of boyfriends and rumors. Some girl in our school supposedly had sex with this older guy her brother knew.

So we got talking about sex and wondering how it felt and why in general people wanted to do it. We discussed that we both shaved our vaginas because we both thought body hair was pretty nasty. I admited to one time having rubbed my pussy but not getting much out of it.

Then we started making up stories bout how the girl in our school had sex with her brothers friend. I started to get a little excited while we were talking about it but i wouldnt admit it or say anything about it to her.

I told her i needed to go to the bathroom, but while i was in there i tried touching myself again and found it to feel better this time. I didnt do it for long cause i had to get back down stairs.

We ended up going back to our homework, but on a short break got back to talking about sex, cause teenagers are always interested in it. We then started talking about lesbians and wondered how they liked being with someone that had the same body parts as them.

We started to eye each other and i soon found out she was getting excited too because i saw her put her hand on her crotch on the outside of her pants. I made a joke about it but feeling guilty admited i did something like that in the bathroom.

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