Friday night party

Her Story

It was Friday night and Brian had invited me to a party at his fraternity. I always enjoyed their parties. They were a good bunch of guys and sometimes the parties got really wild and exciting.

I picked out one of my favorite tight T-shirts to wear, along with an equally tight pair of very short shorts. No bra, of course; my 32C tits are very firm and stand out all by themselves, and I love the way that the guys (and some girls too) look at me when I go braless. I debated a bit about panties, though. Yes or no, I couldnt decide. O hell, fuck it, I thought. If I give some guy a good peek at my pussy, maybe itll make his day. Little did I know.

Brian picked me up at 9:30. When I opened the door, he just stood looking me up and down for a few seconds, and I was sure that I saw a bulge growing between his legs. Guess I picked the right clothes tonight. I was a little horny and was tempted to take him back to the bedroom for a quick bit of entertainment. But I was really ready for some party action and led him on out to the car.

When we got there the party was in full swing. Beer and booze were flowing freely and things were already getting a bit loud. We dived into it and drank and danced and drank and talked and drank some more. By midnight I was quite drunk and very horny, and as I looked about the room, it was obvious that I was not alone. The party was very loud and quite a few couples had found a little nook to do a bit of petting. Brian and I were doing a slow dance and I snuggled against him affectionately. He leaned down and gave me a sweet, soft kiss. Normally that would just give me a warm feeling and make the dance nicer, but I was really horny, and I crushed my body against him and returned a kiss that you usually get only in bed. Well, I guess he was drunk and horny, too, because he returned my kiss and quickly got hard as steel. I began to devour his mouth and squeeze that lovely hardon, and after a while he whispered, "Hey, want to... Læs hele novellen

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