Girls Locker Room
It is the last class of the day and you are tired. Being a phys-ed instructor at the local high school is a demanding job and the girls have been giving you a hard time. Spring probably has something to do with the rambunctious nature of your charges but all their energy is wearing you out.

Also, just looking at their young limber bodies, just budding into womanhood has you kind of horny. You dont usually think about such things while youre working but seeing those girls today in their tights as they went through their exercises turned you on. Your pussy has been hot and wet all afternoon and your nipples seem to be in a constant state of erection. The last class that you currently have doing gymnastics are the grade 12s.

The eighteen and nineteen year-olds are stretching their bodies into a variety of sexual contortions. In one corner, the girls on the mats are doing split after split and looking at those long legs stretched so far apart makes you imagine one of them tied up in that position, totally helpless to prevent the stimulation of her body. On the trampoline, your eye catches sight of one of the bustier girls as her breasts bounce up and down. Her hard nipples are prominently displayed through the thin fabric of her Danskin and you are embarrassed to catch yourself thinking about what it would be like to suck them. This is crazy, you think to yourself, These girls are innocent teenagers who dont know anything about sex.

The day will prove you wrong. The bell sounds and the girls quickly tidy up before heading to the locker room. It will be a good 20 minutes before theyve showered and changed and you are able to close the place up. You decide to take the opportunity to go to your office and masturbate to release some of this nervous energy. You enter your office and lock the door behind you. In the bottom drawer of your desk is a large vibrator and an envelope containing a magazine on your favorite fantasy: bondage. You open the envelope and take... Læs hele novellen

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