Gregs girl?

Greg paid his six dollar entry fee and wlaked through the turnstile. It had been a longtime since he had gone to a porno theater. Nevertheless, he felt really horny and looked forward to a good jack-off section in some dark isolated section of the theater.

Walking in to the theater, Greg noticed how dark it was inside. As his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, he ambled to a seat. Up on the screen there were some very hot women having sex. Greg sighed and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Watching the action on the screen Greg sat mesmorized sliding his hand up and down his 8 inch long shaft. After a few minutes of the ususal porno yelling, the film was over.

Clearly management was lax as Greg looked around the theater and saw guys having sex with each other in the open. Mostly old guys though, thought Greg. Continuing to scan his surroundings all of the sudden Greg noticed what appeared to be a beautiful woman of about 25 walking through the aisle. Greg eyed her hornily. Maybe shes a prostitute, he thought.

The woman walked throught the theater casually, her long black hair swingin behind her. Tall and slender, she looked like an exotic model. Even inthe darkness, Greg could make-out a very pretty face, olive skin and bright red

lipstick. She walked passed Gregs row and his head followed as he checked out her small tight ass in body-hugging black dress. "WoW!" thought Greg, "what a hot chick!" Reaching into his wallet, Greg carefully began to count his money. If this girl was a hooker, Greg was planning on getting

some action. He jumped up and followed the woman to the lobby of the theater where she sat ona long couch.

Greg, although generally shy was emboldened by lust and opportunity.

ALthough he was handsome, 61 and muscular, he never had much luck with women. THey seemed to be stand-offish to him. Besides he didnt like head games, he liked sex. Therefore, a prostitute seemed like a good option at this point. So Greg sat... Læs hele novellen

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