Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Today, October 4th, 2007 is my birthday. To celebrate, i was just sitting here, chilling with a blanket wrapped around my body because it was a little bit chilly outside, listenting to Rage Against the Machine. After drinking about 4 glasses of orange juice, I had to go and take a piss.

As I was taking care of business, I had to check out how smooth my balls were, because I had shaved them the night before today. After I finished up, I just decided to go without any underwear on, and since it was so late(or early) in the morning, and just wrap myself up in my blanket, nude.

After about 20 more minutes doing homework in English class, my older sister came out of her room. She doesnt sleep much, I guess. She told me that she was going to clean up the house so that my mom wouldnt be pissed in the morning. Since she was in the kitchen, I asked if she could mix me up some more juice.

When she came over to give me the juice, she sat down at the table and started to have a conversation with me. We talked about her boyfriend Chris, and what a lame ass he was. I had to agree. When I turned sideways to look at her, my blanket fell open, and there i was exposed.

" Whoah, Andrew, put that away." she said. " I dont want to see your dick right now, with all that hair!"

I hastily covered myself, embarassed, but somewhat turned on. I found it erotic that my sister had just seen my genitals. At the thought of this, my dick started to get hard. Soon, it was stiff and I was sporting a tent out of my blanket. My sister looked down at my crotch again, and with a slight smile said, " well bro, I guess the thought of being exposed to your sister made you a little bit horny".

I then said jokingly, " yeah, and since its my birthday, i wouldnt mind getting some bitch to suck me off, you got 5 dollars?" She said, " why spend 5 dollars on a birthday gift, when you could get it for free?"

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Happy to be here. Happy to read. Happy to meet. Happy to greet.

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