I love you, too, rob

I am sitting at the kitchen island, studying for a final. You know not to bother me when I’m studying (I’m very irritable). But for some reason, you walk into the kitchen, begin to put groceries away, and say, “Good news, darling!”

I look up at you. I love good news. I need good news.

You walk behind me, as if you are going to get something, but instead wrap your arms around my slowly expanding tummy. You lean over and whisper in my ear, “You’ve stolen my shirt again. But no matter, it looks better on you than it ever did on me.”

I’m sitting on the stool in one of your white button down shirts, that you only wear for business meetings (so, you hardly ever wear them) and a pair of your boxers. “What’s the news?”

I look back at you, and notice that you are staring at my enlarged breasts. Your mind is fighting your hands, you want to touch them so badly. “Rob,” I say, slightly irritated, “What’s the news?”

You back off, holding my waist, as you straighten up and push your hardening cock onto the small of my back. “Rob…”

“The news is that you have a very eager cock waiting to please you. All you have been doing is studying night and day. You need to relax and have a little fun.” As you say fun, I feel you push even more into me, as your hands slide down into my lap.

“Rob, I have to study. Tonight, okay? I promise. Tonight.”

“Natka… you promised last night… and the night before that… if you don’t give him some attention – well, he’ll get restless.” You lean back over so you can kiss my neck. Your hands grope my breasts, and you play and massage them. I can’t deny it. The most fun, the best thing in the whole world, is to be with you. But I need to focus.

Focusing is impossible. Blood is leaving my eyes, I can’t focus on words, it’s leaving to engorge my little lips. And to fill my nipples because of the way you are squeezi... Læs hele novellen

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