Jungle love

Jungle love

It all started when my family decided to have our annual family vacation and since it was my 8th birthday I got to choose. After watching the lion king 10 times I chose Africa. I was so excited that I get to see the animal’s up close. After spending an hour in my first airplane we arrived in Africa. It was so hot and dry and there was a monkey with a white stripe on his head sitting in a tree playing leap frog with another monkey but couldn’t get over, I thought was funny. And we all decided that it would be fun to get to the hotel by jeep. After awhile in a jeep listening to African music on the radio we stopped and I got out to stretch once I got out they drove off and couldn’t hear screaming cause of the radio was up so loud. I sobbed for awhile and started to walk to the direction that they were going. I was separated for hours now I started to get thirsty. Missing my mother and how she used to always bring me my food I decided that I should learn how to get it for my self. Looking around I couldn’t see any shops or people except some buffalos. Just then I remembered the trip to the dairy farm and how dad told me that milk came from cows. The buffalos looked like cows so I could milk em to get my drink. As I walked closer to them I noticed I couldn’t see the milk bag all I could see was a bump between the legs.

Curious and thirsty I knelt under it and explored it by first smelling it then touching it. It seemed harmless didn’t smell or feel too weird so I started to touch it more to my surprise it grew. It was way bigger than my arm. Amazed, all I could do was stare at it, it must be an African cow thing. It grew long enough for me to get a grip off it. Remember the dairy farm trip and what farmer did to get milk I started to pull it, squeezing it occasionally but still no milk. Wondering what do I wondered if I sucked on it I could suck it out.

Still curious I used my tongue to lead. It didn’t have a bad taste a bit salty at the hole but it was pleasa... Læs hele novellen

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