Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

My name is Josh and this is a story about my girlfriend, our teacher and me. My girlfriends name was Ashley and we had been dating for over the past 2 years. We both were 18 years old and seniors in high school. I was 5’11”, had long black hair and since I was on the soccer team had an athletic build. Ashley was 5’3”, had straight black hair and an amazing body (34C-24-32), she was a cheerleader. During high school we both were parts of the popular crowd.

Ashley and I had been very experimental in our sex lives. We had tried everything that either of us wanted to do. We have had oral, anal, threesomes and other kinky stuff.

Miss Larsson was our English teacher in high school. She was around 28-30 years old. Miss Larsson was 5’6” with short blonde hair, black rimmed spectacles and an incredible body for her age (36D- 26- 34). She was the teacher that all the guys wanted and the girls spited. She knew the guys loved checking her out but she never seemed too comfortable with that. She was an extremely professional teacher; she wore blouses and long skirts that showed minimal skin and no cleavage. She was so professional that a few students had been suspended for making passes at her.

I won’t lie and say that I never fantasized about her but I thought of it as nothing but a fantasy. Ashley and I had joked about it a few times as even she was attracted to Miss Larsson. Ashley was an extremely bi-sexual and thus we had had many numbers of threesomes that involved Ashley, me and a best friend of Ashley.

In the past few months we had been doing it extremely often and Simone’s (one of Ashley’s best friends) ex boyfriend, Shawn found out about this and he was jealous and annoyed. He was also annoyed because Simone told us that his erection was 4” big and he used to pre maturely ejaculate and thus Simone had never had an orgasm by him. This information leaked out and the entire school found out thus he became a laughing stock.

So Shawn first spread the word t... Læs hele novellen

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