Little brother

Little brother

Mike lives with his beautiful young wife, a former fitness model in an enormous and secluded estate in the hills of California. As a couple they seem to have everything in the world, but no matter how hard they try Mike and Trish cant seem to conceive.

They visit Dr. José Estrada in Beverley Hills. He examines them and comes to the conclusion that Mikes sperm is just too weak and wimpy to knock anybody up. The doctor demeans Mike in front of Trish, who he complements on her sex-bomb body. He suggests that her best bet for motherhood is to find a virile young stud to be a surrogate father. To Mikes surprise, Trish doesnt defend him from Estradas insults but listens attentively and thanks the doctor for his candour.

Ashamed, Mike apologises to his wife for his inadequacy. Trish assures him she doesnt blame him, but suggests that they look into Dr. Estradas advice. Mike is aghast that his wife hasnt dismissed the doctors suggestion as immediately as he had.

"Calm down Mikey! Honestly! Don t be so dramatic!"

Trish suggests that Mikes little brother Jason might be the perfect surrogate father for them: Jason is a young muscle-head fresh from college, healthy and handsome and bursting with Mikes family genes. Hes ideal. Mike is horrified. He is already deeply resentful of his jock of a brother and hasnt spoken to Jason in two years because of it. Trish is unimpressed. She tells him he is being childish and petty and sharply reminds him that its HIS fault they cant conceive. Mike feels so guilty and unreasonable that he meekly tries compromising by suggesting artificial insemination. Trish flatly scoffs at this idea citing it as unnatural, over-expensive and unnecessary. Losing control, Mike finds himself emotionally blackmailed into agreeing to meet Jason over dinner to discuss the situation.

In the restaurant, Trish gleefully explains to Jason Mikes inadequacy as a lover. She makes Mike shake hands with him, pay for the meal, bury the hatchet and apologis... Læs hele novellen

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