Live on the net

Live on the net

My wife was unhappy with our sex life, so much so she didn’t want to have sex, make love or even play around for weeks at a time. She went to see a few doctors and then a shrink who suggested that she explore the wilder side of life. She told my wife to think what would have her so hot that she would make love, and the next thing I know she is writing a personal ad on the computer, for a man, not for herself but me.

She took some pictures of me posing for her and sent them in, you see her one real fantast since we were kids was to see some guy fuck me and make me suck him, then have him hold me between her legs and eat her while he played with me, fucked or her.

We were both 40, she is a little overweight but still able to turn heads. Sherrie is 5’3” 40-30-38, blonde wavy hair and blue eyes and a tanned body that screams for cream. I am 5’9” 180 pounds, and an ex football player turned accountant exec. I have short brown hair neat, no facial hair, tattoos or any scars. Slightly feminine sometimes over the years, as she always loved to dress me up in her silky panties and then suck my five inch cock off. She also for several weeks would slip a hormone in my mouth and tell it was a vitamin. By the time she got the nerve to post an ad those things had started working. My nipples were always sensitive now they were down right sexual tools. Touching them got me hard, kissing them made me week and if you caressed them, well I would have sucked an elephant.

She had three responses the first day, but chose not to tell me until she found a man who was right for me. Then she seduced me into going to meet him for a drink. He was 53, 6’2” 190 pounds, firm body, slightly gray on the sides but black hair everywhere else and he had charm. His name was Trevor and when he met us both, he asked her, “Are you planning on watching or would you prefer a video?”

His manner made you feel at ease and after the meeting we went home and talked, which led to me st... Læs hele novellen

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