Love fuck

Love fuck

"This is perverted." Kristen thought to herself as she crept down the hallway, moving closer to the soft moans coming from the guest bedroom. It was almost three in the morning, and Kristen, clad in her flimsy powder blue nightie kept fighting the urge to peek. Images of being caught peeking in flashed into her mind, the outrage of her friends, the embarrassment of it. But other images flashed too. Of passionate, wriggling bodies, of glistening skin, a hard cock, swaying testicles, sensual legs spread wide and spasming. Kristen quietly opened the bathroom door, the one that connected into the spare room. Just as she had hoped, the door to the bedroom was open. In the darkness, she crept silently forward, until she could see the bed, and the writhing bodies upon it.

The soft creak of the bed could be heard now, and in the dim light of the room she could see Jerry kneeling behind his girlfriend, Janet, who was also Kristens friend. Jerry had a handful of Janets hair, from behind, and his body was pressed firmly to hers. Her head was arched back and her luscious ass was arched up against her man. The dimness of the light reduced the image to black and white, Janets ass looking smooth, round, and unblemished. The covers were a heaped mess on the floor at the foot of the bed, and Janet was threatening to shred the sheets with her grip. Kristen felt a knot in her stomach, one that twisted all the way down between her legs.

Jerry moved in slow, even strokes, arching his back and thrusting into Janet with a long, even movement. Each thrust brought a primal growl from deep inside Kristens friend, and her hips move back instinctively, forcing Jerrys shaft deep inside her.

"God! Youre so fuckin tight!" Jerry whispered, his words carrying easily to Kristens ears in the nearby bathroom. Janet half moaned, half sighed her response. Janet pushed her upper body up on her hands, her full breasts swaying underneath her.

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