Lydias leak

Lydias leak

I can honestly say I’m addicted to porn. I usually delete it from my computer with the noblest intentions to never look at it again, only to replace it several days later with new stuff.

This time it took about two days before I started venturing into the adult world once again.

I’d found out about a new porn site. The title is what caught my attention.

The site was new. It didn’t have a lot of galleries at the time, but the galleries it had were all good. Soon, I found myself jumping from one picture to another, and it was all good stuff, mainly because it was Members’ Only content and I could look at it for free.

I sat at my desk and somehow my hand found its way into my jeans. I started stroking my tingling cock as I played each video.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself as the guy in one of the pictures who was fucking a Latina slut with a fat pussy to kill for. The guy was fucking and sucking her brains out after they’d just met her minutes ago at a park.

Why can’t things like that ever happen to me? The guys in porno flicks have all the luck. I’d love to fuck a hot slut that I just met, but stuff like that never happens to me.

I forced the thought out of mind and forced myself to think about the videos of Tatiana. Just as I was getting into it, my leg started vibrating. My pager was going off.

I work for a plumbing company. I’m on call during work hours, so I spend most of that time doing whatever I want until a call comes in.

I swear those people have the worst timing. They always call when I’m deep into something I enjoy, like jacking off, for instance.

I called my dispatcher, Susie. She said, “Victor, let me run a name past you: Lydia Newman. Does that name ring a bell?”

“No, should it?” I asked.

“Yes. She’s a customer that you serviced just a few days ago and she’s already calling back complaining that her pipes won’t stop leaking since you came out there.”

My hard-on was dwindling away. I started pulling my jeans b... Læs hele novellen

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