Marriage of 3
I had finished dressing and was seated in the den waiting for Amy, my wife. We were going out for dinner and a few drinks with my oldest and best friend, Ron. I had just returned from two weeks of business and we were going out tonight to unwind. My name is Don, and if the conversation I just had with my wife was any indication then tonight was about to be the biggest turning point in our lives.

Ron and I grew up across the street from each other. We were born on the same day in the same hospital. Our families were good friends and we were together nearly everyday. We played all the youth league sports together. In football he was the quarterback and I was the receiver. In baseball I was the pitcher and he was the catcher. We won the state championship in football our senior year. Ron threw 5 touchdown passes and I caught 4 of them.

After graduation we both signed scholarships with the state college where we both made second team all American our senior year. The NFL drafted us both and for the first time in our lives we were separated. For whatever the reason neither one of us made the squad, so we ended up back home job hunting. I landed a job with a computer company and he with and engineering company.

Sports werent the only thing we did together. We often double dated. Sometimes we dated the same girl. Without bragging I would say that we both were fairly good looking young men and the girls came looking for us.

We both lost our virginity the same night with twins. Later that night we swapped girls. This was a pattern that continued most of our college years. If either one of us was serious about a certain girl the other would back off and not mess with her.

I met Amy soon after I went to work. She was a secretary for one of the companies we did business with. She wasnt what you would call beautiful, more likely cute. Her hair was a light brown and came down to her shoulders. She was 55 tall and weighed about 120. Her breasts were high and firm an... Læs hele novellen

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