Meeting in a chatroom

Meeting in a chatroom

One August night in 1986 it was late amd I was sitting at home I had just finished talking to some friends on the computer. I decided to play a few games or two that I have downloaded in the past. After an hour or so of playing I decided that it was time to go to bed, but i was not real tired just yet so I decided to see what these things called chat rooms are like, (I had not had my computer to long and had NEVER been in a chat room before). I looked at what there was to offer and decided on one that was titled Divorced Texas women.

I was there for a little while and was not saying to much as I had never experinced this before but I like to talk and if someone is willing to talk then I will acknowlege them. I was beginning to get into some of the conversations that were being talked about and this one lady kept asking me questions and talking to me. Finally she got the nerve to ask me if I would like to talk in private.......I said well if you want to I suppose we can. So we both left the chat room and started an instant message between each other.

She introduced herself as Jacquline and I told her that my name was Roger. She basically was the leader in the talk I just kinda answered her questions, but soon there after I got into it and started feeling more at ease. I asked her if she was married she said no she was divorced duh remember the chat room we were in. She asked me the same question and I told her that I too was divorced. We discussed where we lived at in Texas and determined that we were about 100 miles apart. We talked about our childern and just basically made small talk, it was getting late and she said she had to go to bed. I told her I really needed to do the same thing.

I could not get her off my mind the entire next day and decided that I would ask her to go out with me if I came to her town.

That night when I got online I could not wait till she got on line as well. It was late again when she got online but that was fine I was kind of ... Læs hele novellen

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