Meeting of the minds

Part One: The Introduction

He watched her for months, he knew what stores she shopped at, where her friends lived, he knew more about her than he should have. He couldnt help it, he was obsessed, and the more he knew about her, the more intrigued he became, and the better his plan at abducting her developed.

He calculated the steps she took every Tuesday morning from her car to the entrance of Curves. Her bi-weekly one hour work-out with her best friend Beth.

He knew which brand of feminine hygiene products she used; and, what her weekly routine was. Including how many times a week she masturbated.

He pulled a pair of dark blue satin panties from his pocket, still moist from last night, smelling the pleasure she gave herself. She sleeps like a baby, never even being disturbed when he slips in and out of her bedroom window.

Visuals of her naked body laid spread eagle and secured with silk scarves stirs his cock into expanding. Writhing and begging for what he intends on giving her. When he decides she deserves it.

The scent of her wafting in his nares only making his excitement intensifying with each stroke of her moist panties up and down his thick shaft. He leans back into the leather loveseat, letting his legs part as he relaxes into the fluffy cushions. His mind releases and lets the fantasy begin.

Picturing her below him, sheets wet between her legs from her pussy juices responding to his standing above her, cock in hand, slowly stroking it. Dominant voice almost commanding her to answer in her typical obedient tone and reply.

“You want me to let you taste this cock, don’t you my love?”

“Oh, Yes Master!” she exclaims excitedly.

“This baby sluts mouth is craving your cream filled cock!”

Shifting his six feet two inch frame above her body. Perfectly patterned hair and a happiness trail down his torso. Spreading his legs as he sits astride her hips, squeezing a few drops of precum onto the round mushroom cock head. Bending forwa... Læs hele novellen

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