That asshole melissa thought seeing her boyfreind take off and three black guys chasing after him. I told him not to buy weed here , dammit now how an I going to get home she thought. She was in a strange place at least to her and looking to pretty thats for sure.

Melissa stood 58 weight was around 115 lbs 34 c tits , shapely figure . Blond hair soft blue eyes , she wore a sweater and a long skirt . It was probally about 9 pm and she began walking down the street. Street lights were poping on and the and cars drove by honking at her. She wasent so much a raccist girl . But then again the black people who lived in her neibourhood never were like these people . She clutched her purse and saw a dim light coming from a Appartment complex it read payphone .

Thank god she thought , as she hurried down the pathway there was a group of about 5 black guys smoking weed and drinking sitting on the steps of a appartment. They started whispering low as she grabbed the phone and put her money in . Dialed and got no dialtone no nothing , she sighed and looked around. Then mustered up enough courage to approach the group.

A tall man probally in his early 30s cornrowed hair and a beer in hand was talking to the guys. "Yo and then right these motherfuckers got scared and they tried ta leave " She spoke in a low voice , she was about almost 18 and it showed. "Excuse me um do you know where a phone that works is ?" He stopped telling his story and turned around to look at Melissa . "What ? Man sugar there aint no phones that work here baby. This is the progects girl, but you give me 3 dollars and Ill let you use my phone its inside.

" She sighed and decided she dident have much of a choice and agreed. She handed him the money and he led her in. The house was small a studio a bed there messy and the fan on . There was little in the way of furnature he stepped out as she dialed the number. She reached a recording , damn she thought . She left a message and then tried anoth... Læs hele novellen

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