More than a party

More than a party

It was a friday night and I had decided to go to a party with some friends. We had known each other for years and had really no inhibitions around each other. So that night I was feeling a little horny and Andy one of our cuter guy friends was there. Well I guess he must have been feelin pretty needy too, cuz without sayin a word he started kissin on me.

He started out nibblin and nuzzling on my neck and shoulders and around my ear. When he heard me softly moan he took it as an invitation and imediately moved around to where he could reach my mouth for an intense tongue dancing kiss.

We kissed for a couple minutes not payin attention to the conversation around us. Then he pulled me onto his lap facing him with my legs on either side so I was stradling him. He started stroking my sides and caressing my tits. He slid his hand under my shirt and cupped my breasts in his palms, squeezing them a lil roughly. He quickly pulled my shirt off over my head and proceeded to suck on each perky nipple pulling them into his mouth and running his tongue around them.

Before I realized what he was doing he had picked me up gone around the edge of the couch and bent me over it lifting my skirt over my hips. I hate underwear so I wasnt wearing any that night. Andy knelt down behind me and started rimming me and I love to be licked like that. He stroked from front to back and around again burying his face between my legs and making me squirm and moan in need.

As he continued doing this all of a sudden I felt a mouth press to mine, My eyes popped open and there was Ashley on all fours on the couch with Dave behind her doing the same things that Andy was doing to me. We dived into an intense kiss both of us searching needing release and loving the contact from both sides. Then Andy stood up and moved behind me. He thrust his huge cock balls deep into my cunt in one swift thrust making me push back against him in pleasure. As we were fucked from behind As... Læs hele novellen

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