More coffee?

More coffee?

‘Would you like some more coffee, Sue?’ Paula asked as Sue’s cup was nearly empty.

‘I think I may before we get started,’ she replied. ’Get that slave of yours to bring some in, and tell him to be quick!!’

The other girls, Karen, Jean, Samantha and Heather, all giggled excitedly and glanced at the door waiting to see Paula’s slave, Colin, come into the room. Paula rang a small bell, and within a couple of seconds, Colin came quickly through the door. He was dressed as a French Maid, complete with suspenders and fishnet stockings, and had a leather hood on his head to protect his identity, and he stood self-consciously waiting for his orders.

‘Bring in another pot of coffee for the girls and be quick about it, you little runt’ Sue barked at him.

The girls all smiled as he hurried out, his bare arse showing as the skirt of his maid’s outfit swung up as he turned, all wishing they could dominate their husband like this. The group had began when Paula had threatened Colin one afternoon when he was tied up, saying if he did not mend his ways and do as he was told, she would advertise for a group of girls to come for tea and to humiliate and torture him. Colin had always fantasised about performing in front of others, and she decided to call his bluff. Colin had laughed, knowing it would be impossible for Paula to find several ladies to carry out her threat, as women were much less likely to be interested in bondage. Paula, however, carried out her threat and put her request for ladies to join her on as many internet sites as she could. She was not surprised to hear nothing for a while, but then received a couple of replies from a site on ‘Husband Domination’, and the group were having their first meeting. All the ladies had one thing in common – they wanted to humiliate and dominate their husbands, but had not yet got up the nerve and had decided to learn as much as they could from Paula. Sex was never on the agenda as they were all completely faithful to t... Læs hele novellen

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